Happy Dogs founder Karis Nafte has been working professionally with dogs since 1996.
She loves teaching her human and canine clients on “both ends of the leash” to have happy, harmonious relationships whether they have a new puppy or an older dog who needs to learn some new tricks.

Karis is an IAABC Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (Click here for more info on She uses force free methods, positive reinforcement and effective communication, not fear or intimidation, to get desired behaviors from the dogs she works with.
Originally from the USA, Karis moved to South Africa in 2005 and started Happy Dogs. The Happy Dogs Training School operates in Knysna with a wonderful team of dog trainers. Karis oversees the training school and works directly with dogs who have more difficult behaviour issues. 

Over the years as a dog trainer and behaviour consultant, Karis has worked with thousands of dogs of all sorts of breeds with all sorts of behavior issues, from aggression to disinterest, puppies to wild packs. She has also been lucky to work with many different species of animals, horses, parrots, cats, cheetahs, pigs, wolves and chickens to name a few.
A passionate agility handler, Karis is also an agility judge for the South African Dog Agility Association. She has been featured on Top Billing, for two years was a regular on 567/702 radio on the pet care line and is a regular guest on the eXpresso Show on SABC 3 discussing dog behavior.

Karis specializes in working with clients going through a divorce to make good decisions for the custody of their pets. She works online worldwide to help resolve issues around divorce and pets. For more information visit